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What is earth based spirituality?

This word “witch” can be so loaded in this culture and conjure images of an army of flying monkeys and evil cackles, a hated and despised woman, or a goddess like creature in tune with nature and full of secret powers depending on who you’re talking to.   

For me, it is, at it’s very core, feminist and subversive.  It is about holding a deep reverence and love of the natural world, and having the earth, plants, animals, sun, moon and stars as my teachers and my church.   It is also about healing, exploring the mysteries of life, leaning into seasons and cycles, and honoring magic and wonder.   It is inextricably linked to justice for and protection of those who have been oppressed by patriarchal white supremacist culture.

On a practical level, it means that most of my spiritual practices center the goddess, nature and mystery.  

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