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Who is Nicole?

Having always had a strong affinity for nature and often incorporating it into my art, gravitating towards Earth as medicine for the purposes of healing my spirit was a natural progression. So too, was my attraction to the healing qualities of Reiki, of which I have been a devoted practitioner and teacher for over 15 years. In addition to being a certified Reiki Master Teacher, I’ve also completed an intensive four year program at Inner Source Healing , and have studied and continue to explore various forms of energetic and healing modalities, including meditation, mindfulness practices, herbalism, shamanic practices and tarot. When working with groups or individuals, I am able to cater to the needs of my clients by using the appropriate combination of some or all of these methods based on the area of focus. 


My journey into the world of healing through energy work did not come easily. About twenty years ago, I found myself at a spiritual bottom, struggling with addiction and depression and unable to find peace with myself. Feeling like my only way out was death, I was fortunate to find help in the Twelve Steps and some medical professionals. Reaching this point in my life was no easy feat and neither was the work I did to get out of the pain that I was in, but the rewards were far beyond what I had expected. It was during my early recovery that I began my spiritual practice as a witch and shortly after was introduced to Reiki. Having a spiritual practice that was grounded in connection to the Earth and ritual was what ultimately healed my spiritual pain, and the healing qualities of Reiki helped to heal my physical pain. Both practices brought a sense of calm and balance into my life that I believe all of us are capable of attaining. Just as my healer from that time in my life guided me to a place where I was able to take responsibility for my own healing as I never had before, my goal is to provide those that I work with with the same gifts. The changes that I have undergone through these practices are exponential and I am excited to be able to share them with others.  


My work as an artist also informs my healing practice and vice versa.  Creativity and imagination are central to the wonder and magic that awaken with spirituality!

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